"How To Put The FUN In Fundraising" is a must-have when planning your next event!

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Phyllis Eig

Phyllis Eig

After thirty-five years and hundreds of events...

Phyllis Eig was born in Lakewood, New Jersey and grew up in Washington, D.C., in a hotel, restaurant, and catering family. As a student at Howard University, she earned an associate’s degree in dental hygiene and met her future husband, Dr. Lawrence Eig.

While Phyllis was still a student and Dr. Eig was stationed in Japan, the couple was married via the first ever Trans-Pacific conference call, resulting in news coverage of the event across the U.S. Phyllis later joined her husband in Japan, where they lived for three years.

After moving to St. Petersburg, Florida, she worked in her husband’s dental practice for several years before deciding to go into business doing what she loved—helping others plan events.

She opened Festive Occasions, a boutique specializing in personalized gifts and party accessories, along with invitations for all kinds of events. From that evolved Phyllis Eig Associates, formed to specialize in unique weddings and special events for clients.

With all of this, both she and her husband always had the desire to give back to the community that was so good to them. The many organizations Phyllis gave her time to, whether serving on or chairing committees, included Congregation B’Nai Israel, Temple Beth El, the Pinellas Association for Retarded Children (PARC), and Brookwood Florida, Inc.

Phyllis shares her fundraising event tips, tricks and SECRETS with YOU!

Phyllis is a graduate of Leadership St. Pete and has also served on various political campaigns, both local and statewide. She has two children, Janet and Jeffrey, and two grandchildren, Max and Sam.

She moved to Panama in the spring of 2012, intending to retire completely. But she hasn’t really been able to do that as she manages to get involved with groups and charities she feels are important. Otherwise, Phyllis has taken to writing and enjoying the beach life in that great country.


What Readers Have To Say

"How To Put The FUN In Fundraising" is a must-have when planning your next event!
Here is just some of the feedback we have received from our readers...

Judy JordanIf you don’t know Phyllis you will definitely feel like you do after reading this book. A very generous share of knowledge and experiences that will likely have you asking (frequently), Why didn’t I think of that? Her warm and witty mentor-like style will leave you feeling confident that I can do this!

A FUN read—I couldn’t put it down, read it in one sitting. I can see this little gem becoming a pocket reference used to inspire what will be the most exceptional FUNdraisers of the future.
Judy Jordan
Sea Isle City, N.J.
Steve BenkowitzA good, concise template for a fundraising event, or for directing any volunteer organization. I have used many of these ideas as the leader of the Dallas Bailliage of the Chaine des Rotisseurs.
Steve Benkowitz
Dallas, Texas
ShariAfter reading the book How to Put the FUN in Fundraising I learned many tips to help me in my future fundraising events. You can tell from the book that Phyllis Eig is an experienced fundraiser and takes pride in the success and how it helps an agency or foundation in need. From picking the venue to the theme and entertainment, Phyllis provides valuable suggestions that will help me get organized resulting in successful events.
Tracy Stopler, author of "The Ropes That Bind"I loved How to Put the FUN in Fundraising by Phyllis Eig. It is a fast, entertaining, and easy-to-understand read. Leaving no stone unturned, Ms. Eig uses her authentic, no-nonsense voice to disclose the secrets to a successful fundraising event. Both pros and amateurs alike will learn from the author’s shared experiences and creative mindset. The book is compact and allows you to transport the author, as if she is your own personal cheerleader. This is not a book you will want to loan out. No matter how much you respect books, you are likely to highlight, underline and dog-ear many pages.
Tracy Stopler, author of "The Ropes That Bind"
Long Island, New York
Bill RussoUniquely informative and fun to read, Phyllis puts her personal style, sense of humor and years of experience into this quick clear and very useful book. No longer does fund raising need to be the daunting challenge of the past. Phyllis’s approach to event planning has always been HARD WORK, a little wine and a few laughs, adding up to equal “Huge Success!” This book is a must have for anyone in the business, volunteer and committee member.
Bill Russo
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"To all the chairpersons, and to all the committee members working on behalf of so many deserving organizations, I wish you well! Please remember to make your work fun—it can be, and it will be if you have the right attitude! All you need is passion and the ability to follow through with your vision to achieve your goal."

Phyllis Eig


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